Voila Cab! App Administrator Panel & Visuals

Easy & Attractive Interface

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Manage your Driver, Riders and their Rides through the powerful Admin Panel. View the rides taken through the Apps and the commission you have earned. See God's view wherein you can view all Taxi's that are currently Online / Offline.
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Admin Users Management

Admin can manage Users from here. Admin can add/modify/delete Drivers and their commisit.

Admin Driver Management

Admin can manage Drivers from here. Admin can add/modify/delete Driver and their commission with all statistics.

Admin Booking Management

Admin can manage Bookings from here. Admin can see Completed/Pedning/User Cancelled, Driver Cancelled bookings.
also can filter by day, week, month & date to date durations.

Vehicle Type Management

Admin can manage the Vehicle Type/ Categories shown on Rider App. They can define the Vehicle Type name, Rates and other details.